Frequently Asked Questions

"Is this a venting room?"
          -  Not necessarily; you can vent here, but there is a lot more to the room that makes it The Happy Place.

"Why is it called THP?"
          - The Happy Place gets its name from the atmosphere provided by its dedicated staff and user-base. THP invites everyone to hang out in a room that is open minded and friendly to those who join in. Wouldn't that make you happy?

"What is this room for?"
          - This room is for those who seek a place to be themselves and not feel judged or pressured. It's a room for those who need someone to talk to or hang out with.
"I want to be a voice in THP. How do I do it?"
          -Look at this post  here. Additionally, we appreciate friendly, patient users who are eager to help others with their problems and contribute positively to the ongoing conversations. Do not make getting a rank your life goal! In the end we are all here to have fun.  :)

"What does the staff do here?"
          - The staff work hard to enforce The Rules to make THP a safe and friendly environment. Please feel free to PM any of the room auth if you feel like you need someone to talk to one on one.
"I've received a message from the THP staff saying I'm no tolerance. What does it mean?"
         - If you've been informed that you're no tolerance, it means that your behavior in the room is severely lacking (as observed by our staff and proven by the punishments you've accumulated and by your chat interactions with others). We strongly encourage you to read the rules and follow them because further punishments will lead to your blacklist. For any questions or concerns, PM a THP staff member.
"Oh no! I've been blacklisted . What can I do about it? 
         -If you've been blacklisted, it is because you've either disregarded your no tolerance warning or have a consistently bad track record (i.e., you've been banned/muted a lot of times and shown no signs of improvement). If you wish to return to the room, we recommend you be on your best behavior throughout the Pokemon Showdown site (do not get muted/banned/locked) and show us you have improved. You have the option to appeal your blacklist if you meet the conditions required (improved behavior) after 3 months. Do not evade your blacklist. If you do so, staff takes the liberty to prolong it as much as needed.
"Do we always have to be happy?"
          - Not at all! You can come to the room absolutely miserable; we are all here to hear you out and keep you company. Keep in mind we are not professionals, though; we are regular people just like yourself.
"If you guys aren't professionals, what am I supposed to do?"
          - We recommend that you find a professional that can help you. Here are hotlines you may find useful.
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