​1. The Happy Place is subject to Pokemon Showdown Global Rules

2. Please keep conversations appropriate for all ages.

3. Off-topic discussions are allowed, but please be mindful and respectful of your peers’ opinions at all times.

4. Joking about serious and/or sensitive issues (suicide, self-harm, sexual assault, etc.) will result in a ban.

5. Venting in The Happy Place is welcome. However, keep in mind that we are just normal people like you. If your issue is serious or pertains to any of the topics above, consider getting proper help 

6. Links to battles, battle replays, or polls/surveys are not allowed.

7. Please do not roleplay. It detracts from the flow of conversation.

8. Staff are allowed to change the conversation topic if they feel it is no longer suitable for further discussion. If you wish to continue the topic, please move the discussion to another appropriate room or message other users privately.

9. Do not discuss mod actions in chat, it is disruptive. If you have concerns about mod actions and punishments, take it up with room staff.

10. While general political discussions are allowed, please refrain from any sort of political debate, most notably in the forms of arguments. If you wish to debate, please keep it to pms, instead.

11. Failure to follow the rules listed above with a track record of multiple severe punishments may lead to you being blacklisted from the room. Blacklists mean that you will not be able to return to THP unless you have shown prolonged good behavior in other rooms. In order to appeal a blacklist, privately message a Room Moderator or a Room Owner and explain why you feel you have improved and are ready to return.

If you have any questions regarding the rules, then feel free to ask any room staff member! We are more than happy to listen to your concerns, and we’re easily approachable, too! :) 

           - The Happy Place Staff team

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